6 best GPT sites to make extra money online

If you are the one who wants to make extra money without putting much effort and time…..


If you are the one who wants to make extra money just by staying at your home…..

Then I am sure that you are gonna love these free & legit GPT sites.

 Utilize your downtime/sparetime effectively !!Learn how to make money online from home with these free & best gpt sites by putting minimum effort and  without any investment.All these sites  paid you to....
#free #easy #website#without investment#India

*This post may contain affiliate links and if you use these links for signing up , I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you which will help in keeping this site up and free to use. Thanks for supporting this site.

In case, you don’t know what GPT site is?, let us first start with a brief introduction:

What are GPT sites?

GPT sites or ” Get Paid To” sites are the online reward programs which rewards its members with cash or gift cards for doing various activities like answering surveys, completing short tasks, completing offers, watching videos etc.

And the best part is that you don’t need to have any specific qualifications to be the member of these GPT sites.

Now you must be thinking, why anyone would pay for answering surveys & doing tasks?

FYI all these GPT sites have tie up with many international brands and advertisers which gives you offers, tasks and surveys and by sharing your opinion on the company’s product and services via surveys, you help them analyse the customer needs accurately.

Don’t be a fool like others, be a smart shopper. Learn about the best & free program to save your hard-earned money while shopping online or in-stores. More info at the bottom of this post.

Now that you have acquainted yourself with GPT sites, its time to familiarise yourself with some of the best GPT sites right now on the web.

Here we go.

1. Clixsense:

till jan 9,2019

Clixsense comes to existence in 2007 and today it has astonishingly large number of members worldwide. You can see how much they have paid to their members till now.

How to earn money with clixsense?

  • Complete surveys: Just take simple& fun surveys and make money. To get relevant surveys, you must complete your survey profile first as these surveys are demographic and geographic based.

  Also member from Tier 1 countries get more highly paid surveys as compared (up to $5/survey) to  those from tier 2 countries.

 Tier1 countries are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, BrazilCanada, Chile, China, Denmark, FinlandFranceGermany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,n, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom and United States.

  • Tasks: Do short, simple and easy tasks such as validation job, classifying  items ,doing google search etc. These tasks are provided by third party solution   called figure eight. Some of the tasks may require you to first complete few   exemplary task with minimum accuracy level to be eligible to do them.

           Each task can pay you between few cents to several dollars per completion. For  each $50 worth of tasks that you complete you will earn $5 bonus. So you (especially those from tier2 countries) must focus on doing more number of tasks to increase your earning.

And most importantly you don’t need to have any technical skills or qualifications to complete such tasks.

  • Complete offers :You can earn money by downloading apps, playing games, signing up for new services and many more.

Pro Tip: Avoid this section because the chances of being scammed are high as it contains many third party websites over which clixsense has limited control.

  • Clixsense’s Affiliate program: Each member have their unique affiliate url which they can use to get referrals. Clixsense gives upto 30% recurring commission on what your referral make.

           Suppose you have 10 referrals each earning $5 per day, then you will be getting   0.2×5×10=$10 (taking 20% commission)per day or $300 monthly. So you should reach out to as many people as you can promoting clixsense and encouraging them to join through your referral link.

How to maximize your earning with clixsense ?   

 To increase your earning you should try to complete the daily checklist to earn 12% bonus on your daily earning .In following ways you can avail this bonus:

  • Complete at least 10 Tasks;  or
  • Complete at least 2 offers or surveys from the offers and surveys portal;  or
  • Complete at least 5 Tasks and at least 1 offer or survey from the offers and surveys portal.
  • Add clixaddon extension to your tool bar and run it for at least an hour to earn 2% bonus.
  • what payment methods are available?

How clixsense paid its member?

Clixsense paid its member in US dollars. Below table shows the various payment methods you can use to cashout.

Method Minimum cashout Fee When
Dwolla $10 Free 2 to 5 business days
Payoneer $20 $2 2 to 5 business days
Skrill $10 1% 2 to 5 business days
Tango Card $10 free 2 to 5 business days
Check (Only US & Canada) $10 $1(first time is free) Monthly on or before 15th

Note: Post 2017 clixsense no longer accept paypal as a payment method.

You can see clixsense payment proofs here.

Tip: Although you can use smartphone to complete offers, surveys & tasks, it is suggested to use pc/laptop to complete tasks with ease.


  • 100% Free and Legitimate
  • Forum members are very supportive
  • Worldwide Operation
  • Fast to clear any disputes
  • Their Affiliate program is best.


  • Site appearance is not impressive.( if it matters to you)

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the largest and most popular reward program on the internet. It gives you free gift card and cash for everyday things you already do online(just like now).

And it is one of the best legit way to earn extra money online with minimal effort!

Swagbucks is also available as an free iOS and android app under the name SB answer,so that you can earn while commuting.

Swagbucks: Introduction

How it rewards?

You will be rewarded through SB points which can be redeemed for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like amazon,walmart,flipkart or to get cashback from paypal.(100SB points= $1)

How to earn money with swagbucks?

You can earn SB points through these 6 methods:

  • Complete surveys: Complete fun demographic based surveys and earn SB points.For a 15minute survey you will get about 60SB points i.e you can make about 240SB/hour which is equivalent to 2.4$/hour.
  • Watch videos: Earn SB points while watching videos which you like from categories like politics,funny,sports,music and many more.

Tip: Just play the video in background and do your other stuffs.

  • Play Games: It’s self-explainatory; you will be rewarded for playing games.
  • Shop online: Shop online via swagbucks at over 1500 retailers like amazon,walmart,target and earn SB points for every dollar you spend online plus get exclusive deals and coupons to your favorite retailers.
  • Search the web: You can earn SB points by using swagbucks yahoo powered search engine to do regular, day to day things online.
credit: swagbucks
  • Discover Deals: Whenever you want to try new service or an app always look for exciting deals on swagbucks and get it done using swagbucks to earn SB points with no effort.
  • Complete Tasks: Do short & easy tasks and earn SB points.These tasks are provided by third party website called figure eight in which you can register free of cost.
  • Swag code: These are the string of texts which you can get from the swagbuck’s social media accounts such as facebook,twitter,pinterest or from its blog time to time..
credit: swagbucks

Each swag code is worth certain number of SB points which can be redeemed instantly

Tip: Add swagbucks extension(aka swagbutton) to your browser  toolbar to get timely alert on swag codes,valid coupon code available and automatically apply best coupon code at checkout.It also alerts you if the site you are visiting offers cash back.

credit: swagbucks


  • 100% Free and Legitimate
  • available as an iOS ans android app
  • Easy to use website
  • Apart from earning, you can save few bucks too.
  • Very popular worldwide.


  • Not worth to be mentioned.

Get instant notifications of the cashback and discounts offered at the store you are shopping from with these “cashback button” browser extension.Detailed info at the bottom of this post.

3. InboxDollars


It is also one of the popular and oldest GPT sites out there in the internet, founded in 2000 and is run by CottWeb Enterprises. So far it has over 17 million members and has given about $57 million US dollars as rewards to its members.

How to earn money with Inbox dollars?

Like other GPT sites you will be paid to:

  • Complete surveys
  • Playing games
  • Shopping : Get cashbacks from various  retailers.
  • Referring Friends: If you refer InboxDollars to your friends, you will get 10% of their earnings for life time.
  • Read Email: This is the unique feature of InboxDollars, they pay you to read emails delivered to your inbox( hence named InboxDollars).Generally this emails consist of offers from advertisers who have partenered with InboxDollars.

To get paid , you have to click the confirmation link embedded in email and your reward will be instantly credited in your account.

Payment options available:

  • Inboxdollars ecard: You can get gift cards from various retailers like amazon, target and kohls.
  • Prepaid visa
  • Via Check


  • 100% Free and Legitimate
  • Get instant $5  bonus for signing up.
  • Available as an iOS & android app.


  • Minimum amount for cach out is $30.(comparatively too much)
  • Only 3 paid emails per day, it will take too long to make your first $30.
  • Paypal not a payment option.
  • Some members reported that their account get suspended for no reason.

Recommended  only for individuals from US and UK.

InboxDollars – Get $5 sign up bonus

4. PrizeRebel

credit: PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is the most trusted and famous GPT site which comes to existence in 2007.Since then, they have paid about $17million US dollars to its 8 million members. Their site is well designed and customize for smooth user experience which is hardly found in other GPT sites and they have got their youtube channel too.

They have also made a dedicated testimonial section where its members post images and videos of their payment receipt which in turn prove their legitimacy.

How it works?

PrizeRebel  rewards you with points for every activity you do on their site. These points can be redeemed for  Paypal cash, free Branded name gift cards and direct payment transfer.

How to earn points?

Just like other GPT sites you will be rewarded  to:

  • Take Suyrveys
  • Complete Tasks
  • Complete Offers
  • Watch Videos
  • Referring Friends: Your commission per referral depends on which level you are:

Apart from these methods , in PrizeRebel you can earn points by:

  • Collecting Dialy Points: By visiting daily points page from your dashboard and following simple instructions, you can earn points and it can be repeated upto 20 times a day.
  • Taking Participation: Earn bonus points by participating in PrizeRebel’s contests,  raffles and playing Lucky number game.

When you sign up, by default you are at Bronze level and to move to higher levels and unlock the benefits, you have to collect points in amounts as specified :

How much a point is worth?

You can better understand the value of a point by considering the below table:

200 points $2 amazon gift card, $2 apple iTune gift card etc.
500 points $5 paypal money, $5 ebay gift card or $5 walmart card etc.


  • 100% Free
  • Get cash instantly via paypal
  • Committed to give maximum benefit to its members
  • It takes less time for you to earn points.
  • Members from USA, Canada, UK and Australia have better earning opportunity as they get more number of surveys.


  • It doesn’t have any significant drawback to be mentioned

Here are some other GPT sites worth to be mentioned:

How to maximize your earnings by completing surveys?

  • Survey Profile: Before you take any survey, please fill your demographic data such as birthdate,age,qualification etc accurately to get relevant surveys. Do not try to fake data, just to be eligible to complete non-relevant survey because if get detected by their system your account may get suspended.
  • Be honest: Answer survey questions honestly and accurately as your opinion matters and don’t rush while completing survey.
  • Sign-up: Don’t pay any registration fee for signing up to this sites as they are absolutely free irrespective of the country you are living in. Also sign up to as many survey portals as you can to leverage your earning.
  • Email-ID: Make a new email-ID for signing up to this sites for the peace of your mind as you may get many notifications from them.

What is figure eight?How to do tasks?

As mentioned above in both Clixsense & Swagbucks figure eight provide tasks. Figure Eight is a human-in-the-loop machine learning and artificial intelligence company which uses human intelligence to do simple tasks such as transcribing text or annotating images to train machine learning algorithms.

So the tasks given are simple & repetitive in order to train robots. Highly paid tasks get available as you go to higher level.

How to get started?

For signing up to this sites , you just need to give your email ID or some of them let you log in via your Facebook account.

All these GPT sites are almost same as far as their working methodology is concerened, but only few of them kept the promise of giving their best to members.

If someone asks me , which GPT sites to go with, I would recommend them to join these sites:

  • Swagbucks

Get free sign-up bonus

  • Clixsense

Sign-up to clixsense

If you put your sincere effort, you will be making $100- $150 or more per month and saving few bucks from each of this sites working few hours a day or during your downtime.

Some of the old members who are consistent earn $8-9 per day just by completing surveys.

At first, it might spin your head but keep learning, visit their forum to understand the system and to get useful tips from fellow members. Almost all of the doubts can be cleared by reading their FAQ.

Words of Wisdom

This sites are meant to earn additional income and save money, by no means they are going to make you rich nor they are going to replace your 9 to 5 job. This sites are best suited for stay at home moms, students and retired persons.

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Utilize your downtime/sparetime effectively !!Learn how to make money online from home with these free & best gpt sites by putting minimum effort and  without any investment.All these sites  paid you to....
#free #easy #website#without investment#India

Here is the best money saving program, I was talkiing about.

Ebates is a leading free membership loyalty program(more than 10 million members) which gives you a cashback for every single purchase that you made through their site from over 2500+ stores like amazon, ebay, macys, walmart, kohl’s, JC penney and many others.

They give cashback on in-store purchases too.Save more money by downloading Ebates mobile app to get app-only exclusuve deals. Get your cashback payments via big fat check or paypal.

Right now, Ebates is giving $10 as a welcome bonus to it’s new members, if they make a qualifying purchase of worth $25 or more, within few months after signing up

Get your $10 bonus, Now!

I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions or give suggestions by using comment box below.

And to get more money making tips, follow me on pinterest.

Utilize your downtime/sparetime effectively !!Learn how to make money online from home with these free & best gpt sites by putting minimum effort and  without any investment.All these sites  paid you to....
#free #easy #website#without investment#India

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